There's few 20 something-year-olds who can say they've built a reputable brand and career on hard work and dedication like Sameera Afzaal.


In fact, the Perth-based, "tech-obsessed" millennial, has shirked all preconceptions of her generation, having graduated in 2018 with a double degree in Public Relations and Web Communications and already touts a freelance business under her wing alongside a full-time role as a Social Media Strategist.


After wearing a range of hats in the digital and public relations sphere throughout the entirety of her university life, Sameera identified that her passions lay strongly in influencer relations and digital strategy (a smart pick considering the demand in the industry for both).


Both areas allow Sameera to leverage her degree and thrive in a space that she both enjoys and excels in. Having experienced first-hand being an ‘influencer’, Sameera enjoys creating a strategy for brands - whether it be for an event; product placement or brand ambassadorship - the magic of the final results fuels her passion for the outcomes of these projects!


So where do we begin? Sameera approached her career journey with strategic moves that were beyond her age. She identified that the digital and PR industry was one that rewarded tangible experience (not just a degree). Sameera nurtured her skills through grit and hustle with hands-on experience, which saw her 10 steps ahead of the curve come to her graduation date.


Intimidated? Don’t be. If there's one thing we can say about Sameera, it's that the first thing you will notice about her is the humble and gracious attitude she carries with her.

2014 - 2016

In the second year of her Public Relations degree, Sameera launches Dynamique, a blog which focusses on fashion & lifestyle.

In the first year alone, Instagram blew up to 3000 followers in the first couple of months making the Sameera a micro influencer in the fashion and lifestyle space.


Sameera made a point of collaborating with local businesses and worked on and promoted projects that she truly believed in. Her approach to collaborations had a defining point of difference: strategies that benefitted BOTH parties. This level-headedness approach helped the blog rise in popularity.


In 2015 the blog gave Sameera a chance to understand how different channels contribute to an omnichannel strategy. Sameera’s growth came in the form of content style and understanding how the numbers behind the blog were important when planning and building a content strategy.


In 2016 Sameera took the next defining step for her brand. She joined Tribe and Vamp (influencer apps), which saw her content reaching the coveted status of ‘sponsored’. Her growth was being closely watched by those in the industry - and it led to breakthrough collaborations in 2017 with partners along with the likes of ASOS, Estee Lauder Companies, UniDays and several local + national small business and charities.


Sameera’s year began working a Public Relations account manager at There Is - which Sameera notes as one of the most challenging roles she has ever had to take on but one that led to significant professional growth.


It was a role that gave Sameera the opportunity to sit on the other side of the influencer-relations table. Instead of being the influencer, she now had to garner and build a relationship with clients.


Not only did Sameera picked up the skills quickly, but the position helped shaped her plan of where she wanted to move forward in the industry and it allowed her to understand where her ethics lay.


The rest of 2017 saw Sameera freelancing and gain opportunities unimagined to a final-year student...


  • DL Social: Highly strategised role, client-focused, managing multi-channel strategies. Allowed Sameera to finesse her client-relationship skills.

  • SMPerth and Coffey and Tea: Worked as an intern with Meg Coffey under SMPerth, heavy copywriting-based role for the SMPerth and Coffey and Tea website.


  • Curated a radio show on Boss Mode Radio "Social Etiquette": interviewing industry leaders on how they navigated social media and how it impacted the profit of their business.

  • Graduated from Murdoch University with a double major in Public Relations and Web Communications

  • Worked with Known Associates Event on a series of events at 140 Perth. This role saw Sameera working on Influencer relations and PR.

  • Managed the social media team for the State of Social 2018 by SMPerth.

  • Managed Perth based International artist, Francesca Gnagnarella. This saw Sameera strategically connecting the artist with influencers + creating collaboration opportunities + broad PR for Francesca Gnagnarella.  ‚Äč


To top it off, the #BossLady has sat on several panels speaking on entrepreneurship, social media and business. A quick search for "Sameera Afzaal" and the world wide web confirms the statement we know you're already thinking: Sameera is one helluva digital force to be reckoned with. #WatchThisSpace

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