How do you like to start your day?
Almost every day I talk to my husband on my way to work - it is our time to run all sorts of crazy ideas by each other, catch up and this part of my day is really like mediation, it puts me in a good mood and he really inspires me. I am on my email as soon as I get into the office. I have an inbox specifically dedicated to all my subscriptions. I will spend at least 20 minutes every morning scrolling through headlines, the latest on tech, case studies and take away from this any morsels of knowledge that can help with what I have got going on that day, week or month. 

My favourite subscriptions are Digiday, L2 News, High Snobiety and Architectural Digest. 

What's your coffee order and what cafe in Perth would we most likely find you in?
I'm a cappuccino girl, I like it super frothy with a spoon of sugar. Or an iced latte can never go wrong with an iced latte.

I'm usually at Mary Street Bakery, a local to my office. I'll order my coffee, have my headphones in, flip through The West Australian, sometimes have a chat with the lovely staff and sometimes run into familiar faces. Their croissants are the best in town. It is small moments like this in my daily routine that puts a pep in my step through the working week.

What was the last emoji you used?
Pink heart with sparkles

Three words your family/friends would use to describe you?
Loud, bubbly and energetic

One thing most people don't know about you?
I love TV, reality TV, cooking shows - whether I am cooking or cleaning, getting my nails done, doing anything, I always have something on in the background on Hayu. It is such an unwind and relaxing practice for me.

What’s a story you have that you think best reflects ‘Sameera’? 

On the day of my university graduation, I spent the morning running an influencer activation, sent out a press blast post-event, rushed to university to pick up my regalia, went home, got ready for my graduation, I choose to wear sneakers and I Instagram storied the whole day. I think this day pretty much summed up my entire university career, always running around, hustling. making the most and naturally the last day wasn't any different.


Favourite apps

Planoly to plan my Instagram. Pinterest for all the inspiration.

Podcasts on Apple - I’m always on the lookout for new ones to listen to. Harvest - great for freelancers or people in business to track time on tasks.


Favourite social media platform

I can’t choose one. I love Snapchat for all the shows from brand and media sites and this is the same reason I have been loving Facebook Watch. YouTube for all the cheat day and foodie videos - Worth It is my favourite show. And of course, Instagram, can't forget that I love finding new things in my explore feed.


Favourite Instagram account

If I could only pick one it has to be #saltbae aka @nusr_et - this guy is a marketing genius and his content is so entertaining. Visiting one of his restaurants is definitely high on my bucket list.


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